Domain Tools

Our domain tools provide information about your domain name, web hosting, IP address, DNS and website traffic data.

Who is Hosting a Website?

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Discover who is hosting your or anyone's website. Get information about the website IP address, name servers and more.


Alexa Traffic Rank

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Learn Alexa traffic rank of a website, which is based on 3 months of aggregated traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbars in use.


Domain Age


Discover age of a domain name, which is one of the criteria search engines use to rank a web site.


Reverse DNS Lookup

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The reverse DNS lookup tool will query the DNS system to find a hostname of an IP address.


HTTP Server Header Check

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The HTTP Server header tool displays the response header accompanied with body of the HTTP document.


Is it down for everyone or just me?

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Check if a website is down for everyone or just you. Sometimes, it isn't clear if a website is down or you're just having trouble with your computer. Use this tool to verify if the site is available for everyone.


What is my User Agent?

User Agent

Find your browser's user agent, or enter the "User Agent" string and determine the platform, operating system, and browser version.


IP Tools

Use our IP tools to discover your network, learn IP address related information, and enhance your network.

Trace Email Source

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Trace source of an email where it was originated, and the IP address and location of the mail server.


Verify Email Address

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Use this tool to verify if an email address is valid, and also check to ensure mailbox exists and can receive email.


Proxy Check

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The proxy check tool will analyze your HTTP connection, and determines if proxy server is behand your computer.


Subnet Calculator (IPv4 Only)

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Divide your IP network into sub-networks by calculating network address known as a subnet mask.


What is My IP Address?

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Find your public IP address of a computer connecting to the Internet, and discover your browser data.


What is Geolocation of an IP Address?

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Find geolocation including city, region and country of an IP address provided by a handful of IP Location providers.


IP to Integer Conversion

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IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are represented as a 32-bit or 128-bit numbers respectively. This conversion tool will convert the IP address into a decimal number.


Webmaster Tools

Use our web development tools to automate some of the manual tasks that you may have to perform routinely. We'll continue to add more tools to our tool box, so please check back often for more useful tools. If you would like us to build one for your need, please let us know by completing contact us form.

Htpassword Generator

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Generate a htpasswd file from a .htaccess file to restrict access to protected areas.


CSS and Javascript Minifier

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Improve the performance of your website by minifying the size of the CSS and Javascript files.


Password Generator

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Generate a strong password with letters, numbers and symbols.


Crontab Generator

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Generate crontab syntax based on the hours, minutes, days, months and weekdays as the criteria.


QR Code Generator

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Generate QR codes for plain texts, web URLs, SMS messages, business cards, or phone numbers.


Unix Timestamp Conversion Tool

Unix Time Converter

Unix timestamp is stored in seconds beginning from 1/1/1970. The value of 0 will be 1970-01-01 00:00, and the negative numbers will go backwards. The epoch number cease to work on 2038-01-19 due to a 32-bit overflow unless the number is converted to a 64-bit.


Decimal to Binary/Hex Converter

Decimal to Hex Converter

Convert a decimal number to Binary or Hexadecimal, or vice versa.


Word Counter

Word Counter

Copy and past your text into the textarea, and we'll count the words and characters for you.


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